EduGro modules are designed to make it easy to collect all sorts of data for use in experiments or as a teaching aid for Maths and Science subjects. This includes atmospheric data, the nutrient content and acidity of the watering solution, photographs of the crops, and more! We believe that students are better engaged with STEM teaching when they can see where the data they’re working with has come from, and how it can be used to do things in reality – like improving crop yields and nutrition.

Edugro is the educational division of City Farm Systems, whose approach to hydroponic growing has been developed to capture building carbon and turn it into fresh, local produce. This page shows students the data for global temperature and carbon dioxide levels to try and spark a passion for environmentalism and sustainability.

The increasing quantity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the driving factor behind climate change, and the pace at which we’re burning fossil fuels is still accelerating. To protect the future we must not only achieve Net-Zero emissions but also pursue carbon sequestration to reduce the legacy load, which would continue to contribute to rising temperatures even if fossil fuel use were to end completely.

Global temperatures have been rising steadily across the globe, driven by carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels. Efforts to achieve Net-Zero Carbon are necessary to mitigate the damages caused by climate change – and our carbon-consuming technologies make this easier for businesses to achieve.